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IIBN Annual Global Conference

IIBN holds an Annual Global Conference every November. Year on year this event has grown in size, momentum, reputation and impact.

Every year we trend on Twitter, gain significant media coverage, and attendees achieve true business connectivity, do deals and grown their network amongst a highly influential group of Irish and Irish connected entrepreneurs, senior business professionals and relevant public and state agencies.

Each year brings fresh content, additional ways to connect before, during and after the event, opportunities to pitch, showcase and exhibit as well as world class speakers and panelists to inform and generate discussion.

12th/ 13th November 2015 - London - IIBN 5th Annual Global Conference 

We are in the final planning stages for our 5th Annual Global Conference 'Partners by Design' to be held in BAFTA, Picadilly, London on November 13th 2015, preceded by a conference networking reception on the evening of November 12th at the Embassy of Ireland in London.

Details and to RSVP Click HERE

4th IIBN Annual Global Conference 'Opportunity'

New York November 7th 2014




‘Event was very well organised and very worthwhile. Great for learning and networking and connecting so well done to all.’

‘Excellent job from top to bottom. Left the conference inspired, coupled with some great advice, learning and contacts.’

‘I thought conference was really excellent. Good mix between interesting talks / panels and networking opportunities.’

‘Lots of energy and passion. A fresher approach to business conferences than most. Many speakers also explained their own personal history and why they decided to take a particular course which was very helpful - it is the people, the management team who make the difference in the end’

‘Overall it was very good. The mix of topics covered by the panels were excellent. The advice and inspiration of the participants was superb. The number and quality of the attendees was outstanding; a lot of very smart and successful people resulted in lots of great conversation and relationship-building. I did not attend the opening on Thursday, so cannot comment on that.’

‘Really great couple of days.  Met loads of new contacts & came away with a bag stuffed full of business cards.  Most enjoyable and useful networking too.’

3rd  IIBN Annual Global Conference 'Moving Into Growth'

London November 8th 2013


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2nd IIBN Annual Global Conference ' Business beyond Borders'

London 9th November 2012

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"Very easy format to make connections. I particularly enjoyed the choice of venue.

‘’Following my 60sec presentation I made contact with five interested parties and have to date converted one of these to confirmed business. I am feeling confident about the others.”

‘’Excellent opportunity to network"

‘’IIBN is ahead of the rest in that there are serious people involved wanting to drive business, not just talk about it"

"There was an impressive range of businesses across different sectors and the exhibition space worked well."

"Great speakers and excellent networking.  The support of the Embassy was a real bonus."

1st IIBN Annual Global Conference 'Doing Business Together'

Thursday 10th & Friday 11th November, Dublin

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