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Details of Membership

Please note, IIBN London and IIBN Ireland have reintroduced annual automatic renewals which means your membership renewal will be taken annually going forward should you pay via the General membership paypal links below.  If you do not wish to proceed with automatic renewal, please log in to you paypal account and remove this setting.  If you prefer you can pay via sterling bank transfer (Bank details available upon request) or by sterling cheque payable to ‘IIBN Ltd’

As a not for profit we do depend on timely renewal of memberships so please ensure that your membership subscription is fully up to date to guarantee your place at any future events.


IIBN has three types of Members – Patron Membership, Corporate Membership and Individual General Membership

i.   Patron Membership

IIBN Patron Membership (Currently London only) is approved by the Board at regular IIBN Board Meetings. Potential Patron Members will typically have demonstrated excellence in their professional field and will be generally recognised as an industry leader with an impeccable reputation.  If you would like to be considered for Patron Membership please complete the form below.  IIBN will not provide reasons for the rejection of any applicants’ membership request and the decision of the IIBN Board is final.

Cost:  IIBN London & Dublin- £525 a year (ex VAT)

IIBN Patron Application Form

ii.  Corporate Membership

IIBN Corporate Membership is open to all Irish companies or those with a strong affinity or business relationship with Ireland. Corporate membership starts with a minimum of 3 Members but a bespoke membership package can be agreed depending on the number of memberships required.   Basic Corporate Membership can be completed below.  Details and costs of bespoke Corporate Membership packages are available by contacting

Cost: IIBN London Corporate Membership Payment £400 (ex VAT) (3 company memberships)

Cost: IIBN Ireland Corporate Membership Payment €400 (ex VAT) (3 company memberships)

Cost: IIBN NY Annual Corporate Membership Payment - $500 per year (ex VAT) for 5 company memberships

Complete Corporate Membership HERE

iii.  General Membership

IIBN General Membership is open to all Irish entrepreneurs and business professionals, and those of Irish descent or who have a close connection to, or affinity with, Ireland.  General Membership is based on the individual and is not transferable.

Membership Subscription can be completed online using the  link below.

IIBN General Membership Application Form

The members of IIBN come from a variety of corporate and academic backgrounds and are united in their efforts to provide a dynamic and vibrant environment in which fellow professionals can share their experiences and draw from a common pool of knowledge and experience.

IIBN London Annual Membership - £145 per person +VAT

IIBN Dublin Annual Membership - €95 per person +VAT

IIBN New York Annual Membership - $95 per person