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Enterprise Ireland

EI-LOGOThe Enterprise Ireland team in London works exclusively with Irish owned companies, helping hundreds of them each year to export more to the UK.

We aim to work in partnership with Irish enterprises to help them start, grow, innovate and win export sales. Networks of connected individuals in the UK are a vital resource to assist those companies, particularly those early on their export journey, to give them a helping hand; sharing knowledge and experience of the market and of buying conditions.  Many IIBN members have generously given time and made connections to help Irish companies get on the right path; and the team at Enterprise Ireland are always keen to assist with this; brokering introductions where ever we can.

The UK is the largest export market for the Irish companies we work with, accounting for 40% of exports in 2013.  The Enterprise Ireland UK team aims to help Irish companies develop sustainable market growth plans, and if you can help with the development or execution of those plans, we want to know you too.