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The IEMP was launched by President Michael D. Higgins in New York, in 2012, a collaboration between the Irish International Business Network (IIBN) and the Irish Network – New York (IN-NYC). The purpose of the program was to foster engagement and promote development of new executive and entrepreneur talent in the Irish diaspora.

Program Description:

The purpose of the Irish Executive Mentoring Program (IEMP) is to engage the global Irish business diaspora in structured one-to-one professional development mentoring partnerships, leveraging the community’s knowledge and experience to build connectivity and develop the next generation of business leaders, both Irish-born and of Irish descent.
The IEMP is a voluntary program, enabled by a grant from the Irish government’s Emigrant Support Program.

1.Who are the mentors?

- Mid- to late-career executives or entrepreneurs, with links to Ireland.

2.Who are the protégés?

-Early- to mid-career executives or entrepreneurs, with links to Ireland.

3.How are mentors and protégés recruited?

-Participants are recruited from Irish business networks and a#nity groups worldwide.

4.What is the meeting commitment.

-Typically 1-2 hours per month, on a voluntary basis, remotely via Skype, or similar.

5.How big is the program?

-The program is built for purpose and scale, with no immediate limits to the size.

6.How to get started?

-Complete a skills, experience and personality assessment on

7.How are applicants screened?

-A combination of LinkedIn Auth, online assessment and human review.

8.How are matches made?

-Key match drivers are skills and years of experience.

9.What are the measures of a successful program?

-The program measures engagement, progress towards

10.What is the duration of the program?

-Each partnership lasts for 6 months

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For more information on the program please contact Ailbhe Mullen, Executive Director/ IIBN at