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Launch Of IIBN Dublin Breakfast Series – Garrett Pitcher

IIBN meeting on the 11th January 2017 at Indigo & Cloth, Essex St, Dublin

Our meeting took a place in a chic retail/studio location next to the Clarence Hotel in Temple Bar. The building consists of a coffee shop on the ground floor, men’s apparel on the first floor and studio space above that.

Garrett Pitcher, the owner and entrepreneur behind Indigo & Cloth, introduced himself and gave us some background on his career.  After going to business school on a scholarship he spent some time working for Guinness before he took a year out to go round the world, taking the opportunity to record his travels in photographs. He returned to Ireland in 2006 and set up in the fashion business.

Today, there are three threads to Gareth’s business:

  1. Retail / men’s fashion
  2. Brand studio
  3. Publishing

The company has been involved in branding such companies as Teelings, Lifestyle Sports.

Garrett spoke about the brand gap i.e. the difference between strategy and creative. He describes strategy as having the following traits - physical, logical, linear and numerical - while the creative traits are intuitive, emotional, spatial and visual. He spoke about the disconnect between the two and how his personal value proposition is an ability to bridge the gap and see the difference and the similarities between the two.

He spoke about the power of brands such as Nike and Apple who are able to use a tiny icon in the corner yet it’s instantly recognisable because of the overall look. Garrett referred to the New York Transit Agency Graphics Standards Manual which created a system for signage on the underground across New York and is a seminal work on modernist design.

Gareth’s hints for the New Year were to:

  1. Audit your online presence;
  2. Start a personal website;
  3. Be purposeful in what you share;
  4. Develop a value of proposition;
  5. In the end be you.

His magazine Thread is highly influential in the fashion business and he is behind the publication Difflin which is a derivative of the Viking name for Dublin.

Indigo & Cloth is an innovative, cutting edge design / retail space where entrepreneurs can let their creative sides run riot in the safe knowledge that strategy behind their business will not be lost. This is the first in IIBN’s 2017 breakfast meetings series and we look forward to having many more of these stimulating and insightful meetings.

 Many thanks to Katherine Irwin, Partner at Beauchamps Solicitors for summary of the event and special thanks to Garrett for the hospitality and insight throughout the morning. 

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