IIBN General Membership Application

IIBN General Membership is open to all Irish business professionals, or those with an affinity to Ireland, who have demonstrated a successful track record in their respective profession. General Membership is for one person and is not transferable.
Membership subscription can be completed online at www.iibn.com. Offline payments can be made payable in sterling to 'IIBN Ltd' and posted to 15 Greycoat Place, London, SW1P 1SB. Bank details available upon request.
Members are also requested to complete the following membership form and return by email to info@iibn.com. Details on Corporate, Patron Membership or Sponsorship opportunities can be found online at www.iibn.com.


Please Choose Primary Chapter to which you wish wish to be affiliated. (Normally the Chapter where you are)
London £145 ex Vat
New York $95 Per Person
Ireland €95 ex Vat Per Person

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