Tullow, Carlow


August 13

Which University did you attend?


What is the name of the Company you work for?

TransferMate Global Payments

In which business Sector do you operate?

Other Financial

What is your Company website address?

http://Riverside house

What is your Job Title?

Business Development Manager

In which county in Ireland are you (or your parents/grandparents) from? (Members can search for other Members by County.)


What is the profile of your ideal client?

TransferMate help banks, software partners and corporate clients around the world simplify cross boarder payments saving both time and money. Part owned by ING and AIB banks and with a network of payment licenses in UK, 50 x US States, Canada, 31 x EU countries, AUS/NZ, SG, HG, UAE. Our ideal client is sending and/or receiving international payments. Typical use cases include import/export, international payroll, SAAS etc...

What business services could you offer IIBN members?

International payments provider for sending and receiving funds

What business services could you require from IIBN members occasionally/regularly?


Tell us something interesting or unusual about yourself.

Mild obsession with Weimaraners