Tom McGovern

Tom, along with his business partner (and brother) Brian, started, grew and sold their first business, an offline educational tuition school called The Dublin Academy of Education, formerly known as The Dublin School of Grinds.

Since the sale, Tom and Brian have made a number of investments, acted in consultancy roles for a number of start-up businesses, started a mobility company called Urbo that ultimately failed and most recently stated their next venture, which is their current focus, called The Baby Academy. The Baby Academy is an independent educational provider of pre-natal and post-natal classes, created to provide new and expectant parents with education from maternity leading Consultants, Midwives, Doctors, Nurses and Medical Professionals. The aim of The Baby Academy is to modernise parental courses and provide the parents of today with the most up to date knowledge, whilst leaving them in control of making their own decisions. The Baby Academy offers B2B courses for corporate organisations, as well as B2C courses for parents throughout Ireland. The Baby Academy has plans to also launch in the U.K. along with the development of online courses, allowing the company to scale digitally.