9 Creative Ways You Can Use the IIBN Noticeboard

It’s located in the centre of the Header Menu, just under the word ‘Business’ in the IIBN logo and it should be your first port of call whenever you need anything from IIBN members.

We’re talking about the link to the IIBN Noticeboard, the private forum only accessible by registered members of this site (and hence not available for public consumption), and closely moderated by the IIBN executive team.

This Noticeboard is a great resource for IIBN members and may be used in a variety of ways to engage with other members. We highlight 9 of these ways here.

1. Promote an Event
Whether it’s an in-company event, such as a Guest Presentation to which you would like to invite IIBN members, or a Charity event, such as a Black Tie Dinner, in which IIBN may be interested in attending, the Noticeboard is an ideal place for the promotion of these.

2. Promote your IIBN Group
As part of our mission to better connect Irish entrepreneurs and business professionals, we have a Groups section on this website, which allows members to congregate around specialist topics of interest. Some of the more popular groups include the Entrepreneurs Club, the Wine Club and the Fashion Club. Use the Noticeboard to promote your group in order to attract new members. Please also get in touch with us if you would like to set up and manage a new Group of your own.

3. Solicit Feedback on Something – New Business Idea, New Website Design, New Logo
If you’re looking for feedback on a new business idea you have, a new website you are about to launch or a new company logo you are considering introducing, use the Noticeboard as your own private forum. It costs nothing and it could be the best independent advice you ever received.

4. Ask for an Introduction to Someone
Let’s say you’re looking for an introduction to a key decision maker in a ‘big name’ company and you don’t know anyone who works there. The chances are high that some member in IIBN will either know that person or know someone very close to them. Use the Noticeboard to find the connection.

5. Hire Someone
Recruitment fees are high and the right person could be found just as easily through an introduction. If you’re hiring someone, post the job spec on the Noticeboard and let the network do the work for you.

6. Seek Advice on Something
From something as simple as ‘Can anyone recommend a good place to stay in New York?’ to ‘Can anyone tell me what are my email obligations under GDPR?’, there is a wealth of knowledge within the IIBN database just waiting to be tapped into.

7. Ask for Tickets to Something
We can’t guarantee Superbowl tickets on the half-way line, but IIBN members do have access to 6 Nations Rugby match tickets, as well as tickets to All-Ireland Championship matches. ‘Anyone buying or selling a ticket?!!’

8. Review Something
‘I’ve just watched the move Fyre on Netflix and I’d highly recommend it.’ ‘I’ve just finished reading the latest Tom Bower book about Jeremy Corbyn and it bored me to tears.’ If you’ve just watched, read or visited something, share it with the network.

9. Recommend Something
If you’ve just visited an excellent country retreat in Galway, a trendy cocktail bar in Manhattan or an Indian restaurant in London to die for, share it with us.

IIBN members are typically generous with their time, with sharing their knowledge and sharing their introductions. This Noticeboard operates as a virtual Watercooler for sharing ideas and information.


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