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June 11, 2020
  • FLP & GIFT LinkedIn Masterclass with Social Media Influencer Jennifer Corcoran

  • Jun 11, 2020 from 1:00pm to 2:00pm
  • Location: Virtual Event
  • Description:

    As an award-winning social media influencer, Jennifer Corcoran knows a thing or two about leaving her comfort zone behind.

    Jennifer's mission is to help entrepreneurs, individuals and businesses stand out on LinkedIn. Always as a force for mutual good. Her business, My Super Connector, proves that you don’t need to be the loudest person in the room to get noticed.

    What will you get from this online masterclass?
    - The confidence to use LinkedIn to grow your career / business.
    - The tools you need to build a strong, magnetic profile.
    - A better understanding of how to strengthen your brand.
    - A clear understanding of how to build your network.
    - A set of next steps for LinkedIn success. 

    What will the online masterclass cover?
    - LinkedIn basics. Why you should use LinkedIn to grow your career and / or develop your business.
    - Your Personal Brand. Why does it matter? How can you use it on LinkedIn? 
    - How to optimise your profile:
    ·         The importance of keywords & SEO in LinkedIn.

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