History of IIBN


IIBN is the leading network of Irish entrepreneurs and business professionals.

The objective of IIBN is to facilitate greater communication and connectivity between successful Irish business people all over the world with a view to identifying and exploiting new business opportunities.

IIBN achieves its objectives in the following ways:
• By facilitating networking among members at local and global level
• By fostering and nurturing Irish entrepreneurs
• By mentoring the next generation of Irish entrepreneurs

IIBN is comprised of one centralised organisation, namely IIBN Global, and a number of local Chapters in London, New York and Dublin and Central Eastern Europe (CEE).

Our mentorship programs are supported and funded by the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs through its Emigrant Support Program.

Founded in 2007, IIBN is headquartered in London and is governed by a Board of Trustees according to the IIBN Global Charter.

Mission Statement


To provide online and offline environments that build the largest network of Irish entrepreneurs and business professionals in the world.   


Why Join?


People do business with people they know and like.  IIBN uniquely provides you with access to thousands of Irish entrepreneurs and business professionals, both online and at monthly events we host in each of our Chapter cities.  

Join IIBN today if you're looking for new sales or partnership opportunities, new talent, new funding, new investment opportunites, new ideas or simply to meet interesting new people.