The IIBN GIFT (Global Irish Female Entrepreneur) Programme is designed to assist female entrepreneurs who have achieved a certain level of scale in their business and are looking to take their business to a higher level.

Supported by a panel of high profile ambassadors, the primary aim of GIFT is to establish a programme which will facilitate brokered access to international, scalable business opportunities, entrepreneurial pathways, medium to long term connectivity and to inculcate their ongoing commitment to positive promotion of Ireland and its diaspora.

Each GIFT participant is matched with a Pathfinder located in their international market of choice or with considerable local knowledge in that country/region. Pathfinders are sourced via the IIBN global network through its international chapters and a select group of relevant globally based Irish networks.

All participants will have a proven business model, with specific goals to scale in an international market/s and require a trusted and experienced entrepreneur who can instil confidence in participants to navigate the business and cultural markets in their country of choice.

Participants will be invited to attend a number of face to face events in London, Ireland and NYC so as to build a dynamic between the participants as well as the pathfinders. A carefully planned selection and competition process is implemented, and IIBN has developed a series of Case Studies to demonstrate the impact of the Programme.

GIFT is supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs via its Emigrant Support Programme.